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Why is the Wawa Band the safest solution for your baby?

Why is the Wawa Band the safest solution for your baby?

Many times, we receive doubts from some parents who, when comparing Kusi Wawa with other existing products, ask us what are the advantages of using our band.

The automatic answer is that our bands have been designed specifically for newborns. Its shape, the weight of the seeds, everything. But let's see point by point:

1. Many heaters are designed for that: to warm the bed, etc. They are not ergonomically designed and they are not created especially to soothe your baby's colic. To place them on the baby's belly, you have to hold them with your hand. What causes the cushion is never in the place it should, it moves and ends up being impossible for it to act correctly.
2. The cushion size of the Wawa Band is designed with the right size so that it warms the entire area of ​​the belly.
3. The belt is the basic tool that allows the cushion to be in the right place at all times. In addition, it is ergonomic which makes it safe and comfortable for your baby.
4. The interior of the cushion is made of flax seeds. These seeds were chosen with a very clear objective: on the one hand, weight. We needed seeds that did not weigh much so that they would be safer for the newborn. At the same time, these seeds allow the heating process to be more homogeneous, so you avoid heat peaks. In this way, it is safer and you can avoid burns. All cushions that are filled with cherry pits are too heavy for newborns and present a higher risk of burns.
5. And when it comes to safety, the Kusi Wawa Wawa Band cushion is the safest there is. It is the only one that has an anti-burn safety device. It is the safest cushion on the market and ideal for your newborn.
6. Aromatherapy. As an addition, our cushions have a soft aromatherapy that will not only help to relax your baby but also the parents, while they use it. It's a soft, unsaturated scent and a tried and tested blend.

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