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The sizes of the Wawa Band.

The sizes of the Wawa Band.

Many families ask us what sizes are available from the Wawa Band. So today we will talk a little about the existing sizes.

The Wawa Band was born to relieve the colic of the little ones. So the product was born for the little ones. Babies 0-3 months. It is a belt that covers the contour of your baby's belly and adapts to it as it grows. This is why the belt grows as your little one gets older. Normally, its use is usually extended up to 4 months. But, this, as we already know, usually depends on each baby.
It measures 67cm long and thanks to its velcro closure system it allows you to adjust it more or less depending on the size of your little one.

Thanks to the Wawa Band and the application of the Kusi Wawa Method, families establish routines that help relax their baby. When the colic disappears, however, the night routines usually incorporate the Wawa band and all its magic.

It is for this reason that many families clamored for us to create a belt for older children. And so, thanks to you, the Wawa Band of 4-9 months was created. It is a slightly more complete Wawa Band. With a larger cushion and 77cm long. The system is exactly the same. The velcro closure allows you to adapt the size to your baby as she grows.

It is not recommended to buy a 4-9 month belt for a newborn baby. Although it seems that you are going to use the Wawa Band for a short time, you are going to use it many times. For its use, it is ESSENTIAL that the belt is held well and that the cushion holds well on your baby's tummy. If you buy him a size that is too big for him, the belt is no longer performing the necessary function and loses all usefulness.

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