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The Wawa Mom belt again in one of the most prestigious world scientific journals

The Wawa Mom belt again in one of the most prestigious world scientific journals

The Scientific journal Gynechology and Obstetrics has published an article about our Wawa Mom! In it, it describes in detail the whole process of creating the belt, the entire testing process that was carried out and at the end of everything talks about the agreement that we (Kusi Wawa) reached with the midwife and the IGTP institute to put at your fingertips this wonder

That a magazine of such high prestige has us is a true honor. But that he also likes the project so much that he talks about it on more than one occasion is a real joy.

Why is the belt so innovative?
- Why it is the only one that you can use safely during pregnancy and childbirth since it has been tested by a whole medical team
- Because it is the only one that allows two heat points to be maintained (one in the lower back and one in the supra pubic area). There is no other belt that allows it.
- Because it allows you to enjoy the relief of local heat while you can move freely.
A safe resource for 9 months of pregnancy and childbirth, but that you will be able to extend its use much more. Because once you give birth, normally when we load all day the little one hurts our backs. And the local heat is a wonderful relief. Or for menstrual cramps, because we all know what hurts or bothers. And having natural relief is wonderful.

But in addition, you will use it and you will look good! Always following our philosophy, the important thing is that you feel good in every way!

Find the full article by following this link:


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