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Why does heat relieve menstrual pain?

Why does heat relieve menstrual pain?

We all know that heat can help you get through those annoying days. We have someone who has recommended it to us and if you have tried it, you will have verified that it works.

But do you know why? Our matron, creator of the Wawa Lady belt, explains it to us.
Heat is a natural analgesic because, at temperatures higher than 40 degrees, it activates the receptors that block the sensation of pain.
Menstrual pain is like cramps. They are involuntary movements of the uterus that cause us pain. Just like the day of delivery, these movements cause us discomfort or pain. And heat is the most natural way to avoid this annoying sensation.

In addition, many of us are bloated by the menstrual cycle. And heat has another very interesting property, which is to promote intestinal transit. So, thanks to the application of heat, it favors the expulsion of these annoying gases.

And how can you apply heat?
Well there are many ways. Thermal bag of seeds, water, electric mat.
But at Kusi Wawa we have the jewel in the crown. A system that allows you to apply heat to the abdominal area and the dorsal area. So that you can apply heat in the abdominal area but also in the lumbar area. The application of heat in both areas favors heat very effectively.
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