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What is baby colic

What is baby colic

The emotional factor of infant colic

Cornell University in the US has published a study to demonstrate the emotional factor of infant colic. [1]

Until now, when a newborn goes to his health center with a case of colic of the infant, the pediatric professional always addressed the situation considering a digestive disorder. However, this study shows that the emotional factor is almost as or more important than the physical factor.


The study focuses on the suction reflex. And, study a group of babies that presents a typical picture of colic. In these babies, it is studied if, when offering the suction, it calms down without going to any other spring (such as changing the mother's diet in cases of breastfeeding, changing the artificial milk if they take formula, administer medication, etc. )

The study shows that having the covered oral reflex significantly reduces infant colic. In this way, you can bluntly state that the colic of the newborn not only depends on a physical factor, but that it has a significant emotional component.

Moreover, a final note of the study confirms that it is even possible that infant colic is initiated for emotional reasons rather than physical reasons. Well, in many of the cases they observed that when the parents were trying to calm the newborn, when the baby changed hands (resulting in the father who came in was more relaxed), he used to be more successful at calming the tears.


In Kusi Wawa we have led the new newborn care movement by presenting the only method that helps relieve colic in newborns 100% naturally. This is achieved by applying thermotherapy to relieve the physical pain naturally and safely, thanks to its anti-burn safety device; and by offering the necessary contact and attachment through the 12 steps of the Kusi Wawa Method to get the baby to finally accept the suction to end up relaxing.


The company, which is unique in the world in its category for its capacity for innovation, has been working with a team of pediatric nurses, pediatricians and midwives for more than 3 years; presents the Kusi Wawa Method to help families during the first months of their newborn's life.



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