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  • Feel good with Kusi Wawa

What's Kusi Wawa?

Kusi Wawa was born from our most personal experience. With the birth of our first daughter, we had a very bad time. The colic was terrible and the discomfort was real and for the whole family. After countless visits to the doctor, after many medication proposals for my daughter, I decided that I did not want to go in that direction.

It was very clear to me that I wanted something natural. Something that was helpfull but would not affect negativelly my newborn.  By chance we came up with the solution. The heat helped her feel better.

Kusi Wawa was initially born for your baby, but from the beginning we have always had a clear objective: to help your family, respecting your loved ones, while respecting our planet.

Today, we continue with this same mentality. We continue to create 100% natural solutions that will help you in different aspects of your life. Respecting your family, respecting you and making a much better world.

Do you want to join our Natural Wellbeing?

Meritxell Vinyas - Founder of Kusi Wawa

My name is Meritxell and I am the creator of this wonderful project. I have two children that are the joy of our lives. They are my greatest teachers, teaching me what's really important in life. That nothing is enough reason to lose a smile and that splashed water in your face is almost as healing as long spa sessions.
Each child comes to the world to teach us different things, the first came as an earthquake to shake our lives and turn it upside down. The second one came to reaffirm all the peace we achieved with the first one and to help us grow.


Kusi Wawa not only aims to create a natural product that respects your family; if not, we place great emphasis on respecting our environment as well. Our products are created and thought for the most important thing in our life: the family. And it would not be honest that, for the well-being of some families, others had to suffer. For this reason, we take our responsibility very seriously when choosing suppliers and the people with whom we collaborate. We work only with local suppliers and, thanks to the traceability of all the garments, we are proud to know that the people who have been involved in it have been protected. We make in a workshop near Barcelona where joy is breathed, and where the team is respected and cared for. When we say that we make our products with love, it is not just a phrase, we feel it that way and we hope that this is how we can convey it.