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How much time does baby colic last?

How much time does baby colic last?
Probably one of the questions that cross most times in the head of a father who is going through it. Even when? How long will I have to see my son suffer? How can I relieve my child's colic? Can I shorten the time the colic lasts? it's possible?
You have to be very clear that each case is unique. And that every baby is a world. And that everyone will need a certain time. However, today we will discuss what is usually common in cases of infant colic.

It is worth remembering that you will recognize that your baby has colic because it will have the following symptoms:
- Start crying always more or less at the same time.
- Start crying suddenly, without more.
- It gets very red.
- He is very agitated. Move a lot of arms and legs.
- The hands are very tense. Closed always.
- The crying seems more a scream.
- It twists.
- It is very difficult to calm
In most cases, colic begins at two weeks of age and lasts approximately three months. In some cases, you can see children that lasts up to four months, but usually, after this time colic usually disappear.
As we have already commented many times, it is very difficult to trace the origin of colic due to the short age of the babies that suffer from it and the difficulty in communicating with them. Whenever your baby cries so much, it is advisable to take him to your trusted primary care center to see your nurse, midwife or pediatrician. But in cases of babies that exceed four months of colic, it is even recommended to visit a gastroenterologist because there may be some additional cause to the crying.

Why, what is colic?
At Kusi Wawa we believe that colic is a combination of emotional factors with physical factors.

 On the one hand, they feel discomfort in the intestinal area that we help to alleviate through thermotherapy. The heat acts as an analgesic and, thanks to the structure of the Wawa Band, allows us to apply quickly and safely. In addition, we are the only ones that have an anti-burns device to protect your baby.

On the other hand, the baby is in a state of despair. So we need to calm him down. Help relax him We achieve this by applying the 5 S theory of Dr Harvey Karp. So we will use the Wawa Wrap of our website.
By combining the treatment of both aspects of colic, we can calm and relax the baby to the point that it stops crying and even falls asleep.

If you would like to know more about the Kusi Wawa Method, you can see information and a video tutorial on how to do it here.

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