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What treatments are there for baby colic?

What treatments are there for baby colic?

What treatment is there for baby colic?

Infant colic, one must remember, is benign. It usually occurs in babies 0-4 months who grow up healthy. Unfortunately, but, once a day they tend to break into a desperate cry. It usually happens at the same time and you will know why they get very red. Crying seems more like a cry than a cry. And they move their arms and legs a lot nervously. Sometimes they even squirm.

The first and most important thing is that, if you detect that your newborn cries so much, you always go to your health center. But once it is confirmed that it is colic, there are several treatments that you can carry out.


Infant colic is partly a physical factor (intestinal pain) and partly an emotional factor. Babies are tired of the stimuli they receive throughout the day and, in the end, break in despair.


Therefore, there are several ways we can try to prevent colic through preventive treatments. The negative side is that, as it is a mixture of physical and emotional effects, it is very difficult to completely eliminate colic. So it will always be important to have tools for when infant colic arrives.

 - Treatments with physiotherapist. The Blonde Method The Rubio method was created by a Spanish physiotherapist. It is a series of movements in the gut that favor intestinal transit. Physiotherapists must be certified by the body that created Dr. Rubio.

- Osteopathy treatments. The first and most important thing is that they have the certificate to work with newborns. It has to be a child osteopath. In osteopathy they work the alignment of the body and also study the skull of the baby to see if there has been any misalignment that causes discomfort to the newborn. They improve their alignment to try to avoid crying.

- Active treatment. The Kusi Wawa Method is a treatment that allows you to comfort your baby at the time of crying. When he begins to cry, he relieves pain through thermotherapy and favors the baby's relaxation through a few simple steps. It is a very effective method because it is responding to all the stimuli that cause infant colic.

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