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What is the Wawa Band

What is the Wawa Band

The Wawa Band is one of the basics that all mothers tell us has been essential during those first months of your baby's life.
This is so, because it respects the times and needs of your newborn while offering a solution to those annoying colic.
What exactly?
The Kusi Wawa Wawa Band is a belt that is placed around your baby's belly.
This belt contains a cushion of seeds that is heated in the microwave. In this way, you can apply heat on top of the belly.
Its design allows you to keep the cushion on top of your belly without having to physically support it. In this way, you can be with your baby while the Wawa Band does its job.
The seed cushion is the only one on the market that has an anti-burn safety device. This device warns you if the cushion is too hot, to avoid burns to your baby's skin.

What does it work for?
The heat produced by the Wawa Band will help you relieve your baby's colic and gas.

Why does it work?
Heat is a natural pain reliever, so it relieves your newborn's pain.
At the same time, the heat favors the transit of gases. So it helps expel them.
The soft aroma of the cushion will favor the relaxation of both the baby and the person who is taking care of him.

If you combine the effect of the Wawa Band with contact and rocking, you will help your baby relax and calm him down at the time of colic.
At the same time, as a parent, having a routine to do when the baby starts crying is very positive. Well, we know what we should do and it relaxes us. As we are calmer, we also transmit it to the baby and we further favor his relaxation.

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