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What is the cause of colic?

What is the cause of colic?

One of the main questions they always ask us is ... what is the cause of my baby's colic?

And the reality is that, unfortunately, it is still unknown. It is not known ... or is that in reality there is not a single cause but there are many small things that come together and make another much larger.

Unfortunately, as it is a benign disorder, there is very little research on it. In addition, infant colic becomes one of the largest tailor's drawers that exist. If the baby cries, he has colic.

The team of pediatricians who worked at the Palamós Primary Care Center, described to us that the cause of colic can be:
- Discomfort due to intestinal immaturity
- Gas discomfort
- Reflow discomfort
- Need for contact
So, when we have a case of colic we see that there are many potential causes. The first thing to do if your baby cries a lot, is to go to your primary care center or with your pediatrician. Only they can rule out that it is not something much more serious.
But once they have identified that it is colic, many times they even tell you that you can only wait. But, we don't have to wait in tears.
In Kusi Wawa we have designed the method that will help you relieve and calm your baby when he is in colic. On the one hand, we relieve intestinal pain naturally: with thermotherapy. And on the other, we favor your relaxation, with contact and aromatherapy. It is very important to perform the complete method because, as we have already seen, your baby may be crying for many reasons. So if we relieve the pain and offer the contact they need so much, we will reduce the crying and the whole family will be much happier.

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