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What do Pediatric Nurses recommend to relieve baby colic?

What do Pediatric Nurses recommend to relieve baby colic?

A few months ago we started a collaboration with the Catalan Association of Pediatric Nursing to start a research process of the results of our Kusi Wawa Method. We attended the annual congress, where we were present in both symposiums, spaces in the discussion tables and with a stand to present our project to all the attending nurses.

It was a wonderful experience because it allowed us to work hand in hand with nurses who are every day receiving cases of babies with colic. And it was an immense joy to see how they received our method.
The Kusi Wawa Method was very well received by all the staff. First, why are you offering an effective, easy to implement and totally natural solution? Second, because it is a sustainable project that puts natural and well-cared for material families at their reach, all at home.

Since the last congress in October, we are working hand in hand with more than 200 professionals who have provided material and are testing their effects with their smaller patients.

On the one hand, we focus the study on the results of the application of heat in the abdominal area. Thanks to the Wawa Band, we are able to apply heat contained in the belly quickly and safely. The seed cushion, with its safety device, allows us to warn when its contents are too hot. Our nurses explain the analgesic function of the heat effect in the smallest and follow up on the relief they feel when using the Wawa Band.

On the other hand, they see the correlation of cases of babies who have stopped crying with the amount and type of contact that the parents have had with the baby. When applying the second part of the Kusi Wawa method, we develop a series of actions with this one that help us reassure him. We started, lulling the baby well to give him security, to make him feel like inside the mother's belly again and to apply restraint. When cooing we avoid the fast movement of arms and legs of the babies that only generate nervousness in these.
Immediately afterwards, we take them in our arms, we balance them. We make them feel good, protected by our warm arms. We make a constant noise, relaxing. A song or a white sound. What comes out and what your baby likes best. And in the end, when we have been doing these actions for some time and we see that the baby is more relaxed, we offer the suction.

By developing all these steps, the baby should stay relaxed and even fall asleep.
Our medical staff develops the study to see how many babies with only the warmth of the Wawa Band have enough to calm down and how much they need these extra pampering.

Until today, the feedback has been very positive and encourages us to continue working to reach many more families. It is a pleasure to help you fully enjoy motherhood.