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Wawa Wear pj

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Pijama made with 100% GOTS Certified organic cotton to protect your baby’s skin from chemicals. 

The front buttoning system allows the pajama to be opened and closed easily. The legs can be opened independently from the rest of the body, so you can change the baby diapers without having to undress your baby fully.

The newborn size garment has two mittens attached to the arms, to avoid your baby from scratching himself and avoiding them from staying in the baby’s mouth in case he decides to bite them – avoiding any potential choking hazard.

The 3 month old garment does not incorporate the mittens.

Both sizes have a system to fix the Wawa Band

The cotton follows a rigorous control from pick up to manufacturing. The fabric is GOTS certified, and the product has the OCC Guarantee. The pajama is free of chemicals to ensure the fineness of the garment and the baby’s skin health.

For higher comfort, we replaced the interior tag for a print in the back of the garment. This way we make sure it will not irritate the newborn skin.

The 0-1 month pijama fits a baby up to 3 kg 500 (8lbs) and/or 55cm (21.5 inches).

The 3 month pijama fits a baby up to 5kg 700 (12.5lbs) and/or 61 cm (24inches).

  • Wawa Wear pj
  • Wawa Wear pj
  • Wawa Wear pj
  • Wawa Wear pj
  • Wawa Wear pj

  • 100% orgànic cotton

  • Wash at 30º

  • Do not bleach

  • Ironing at 100ºC

How does the Kusi Wawa method work?

  1. Dress the baby with the Wawa Wear to obtain the ideal positioning for the Wawa Band.
  2. Button the clasps between the pijama and the Wawa Band.
  3. Place the Wawa Band around the baby’s body. Start on top of the baby’s belly, go around the body through the back and close the band with the Velcro, on top of the baby’s belly again. Make sure that the Wawa Band has been placed properly and that it fits tightly around the baby’s body. Thanks to the Velcro and the elastic band placed in the back, the band should really adapt to the baby’s body. The pocket to place the cushion should be on top of baby’s belly, with the pocket opening towards the top.
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  • Blanca Llorca
    Noel was very upset for a few days since his belly hurt, and we finally found the solution thanks to the kusi_wawa band. It relaxes him a lot, relieves the pain and when he uses it, he remains...

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