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  • Nerea Jimenez
    As I feared, colic or gas has not given us a truce like what happened to our first daughter. Every night at around 9 or 10 he starts crying, writhing, bowing, etc. We spent a few days applying the Kusi Wawa Method and I swear that's how it works for us: the baby starts crying, and after a while he relaxes ... I put on the Wawa Band, I coo him with the Wawa Wrap, I give him the pacifier. .. And he sleeps!
    And the band with the thermal cushion smells wonderful and the lullaby is super tasty. It's a holy hand! Highly recommended!

    Nerea Jimenez


  • Catalina
    A few months before my son was born I bought a Kusi Wawa. It was the only baby item that I bought in preventive headquarters, that is, before determining if my future child was going to suffer from colic or not. The reason was that with my husband we had decided that, if the day came when our son had a colic attack, it was better to be prepared with what we had available to ease the pains and discomfort.
    How I got to know the product and the brand, I do not know. I do not remember. But I want to be super clear and categorical in the following: this product saved me. He saved my peace of mind to face the discomforts that this dwarf suffers daily. He saved my patience to endure the crying after the popes. He saved my marriage, because in another circumstance I would have seized them against my poor husband who has no fault in the matter. But most importantly, it saved my baby who sleeps happy and placid thanks to this wonderful invention.
    I can not imagine facing the dreaded colics if it is not with this product. It is really magical.
    Thank you very much for the product and thank you very much for such an efficient solution.



  • Maria
    Very good! The discovery of the year, before it was born had already investigated and as soon as it was born we asked for it and we are super happy!
    It relaxes you a lot and it's good for pooping


  • Laura Arranz
    We have used the Wawa Band and the Wawa Wrap a lot during the breastfeeding crisis that we just passed. Our little one cried without stopping, very uneasy and it was very difficult to sleep. The Wawa Band has been very helpful because it relaxed him a lot. We highly recommend it!

    Laura Arranz


  • Noemi Navarro
    At about 9:00 pm Manuela starts to feel uncomfortable and only wants to be in arms or chest. Yes at the end of the day it seems that you accumulate gasses and is what makes it more uncomfortable. To alleviate it, we are testing the Kusi Wawa Method and its famous Wawa Band. We heat it in the micro and we put it in the little one and it relieves it a lot.

    Noemi Navarro


  • Athenea
    My experience with the Wawa Band; The truth is, it was great for us. My little one started with cramps a month, more or less, apart from going to his pediatrician, researching on the internet I came to this method. I called by phone, they treated me great and they solved many doubts and we decided to try it. I liked it because it was natural, without medication, without side effects.
    I went that same afternoon to buy the fajita and that same night, as soon as we arrived I warmed it in the microwave, I have to say that when you have a baby with colic, it is very practical not to have to wait and to warm it in the microwave, I put it on and he stayed relaxed and asleep in less than 5 minutes. And so I was putting it, there were even days when we went out in the morning he put it on and put it in the car and he was very calm and relaxed. He even fell asleep.
    My experience was very good. I recommend it 100%


  • Davinia
    I have it since my baby was 15 days old. Now he's already 7 months old and I have to say that I can not live without my Wawa Band. I always carry it with me. It has helped me a lot in those days that my girl's belly gets upset.


  • Saray Navarro
    We can't wait for baby colic to disappear. Thankfully, we have the Wawa Bandto help with that. We bought it in Innova Kids and we are really happy with its results.

    Saray Navarro


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