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  • Gaby
    With the Wawa Band he falls asleep instantly. Its wonderful


  • Sheila
    Little Judit occasionally has gas and the Wawa Band and her warmth are doing very well. They help you calm down a lot.



  • Nuria Salas
    We tried for a couple days. We are very happy, specially our baby.

    Nuria Salas

  • Jessica Ruiz
    I bought kusi wawa because my daughter had a lot of belly aches, I learned what it was and how it worked. What I liked most is that it is all natural based on seeds and herbs. THANK YOU I found it. My little one no longer suffers

    Jessica Ruiz

    Comunidad Valenciana

  • Nuria Rodriguez
    Gas solved. I've finally found what works for us! When I see that she has pain, I warm her up with the Wawa Band, lull her and relax at the moment. It does not need anything else.

    When it's quieter, I do the bike to help get the gas.

    We have two days with this routine and our little doll is great. What a pleasure when we solve the problems!

    Nuria Rodriguez


  • Milena Moraga
    I have twins and it has been a miracle worker. I recomend it to everyone

    Milena Moraga

  • Nuria Escudero
    Since he was born he had horrible colic. Well I had why now goes to days. The issue was so terrible that we did not know what to do. Nothing worked for him. So I started to investigate if there was anything more than oral treatments. And I gave with the Kusi Wawa Method! I bought it to try and it has been the best investment we have made for now! It was an awesome change!

    Nuria Escudero

    San Ginés

  • Mamá de Alan
    it has past some time since we used the Wawa Band . We used it a lot between the first and second month of life, due to colic. Now he's about to turn 4 months old and the cramps have already disappeared, but today he was having a horrible day... I did not know what to do, so I put it on and it's like magic! Look how relaxed he looks!

    Mamá de Alan

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