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  • Maria Teresa
    Julieta is very upset by reflux and regurgitation. Their digestive tracts are very annoying and often take enough milk after the shots. For a few weeks we are trying to relieve it with the Wawa Band and our experience can not be more positive, since the little one feels relieved with its use.

    Maria Teresa


  • Isabel Rada
    When my little girl got colic, I immediately bought the Wawa Band. We are very happy. The truth is very good because she calms down and falls asleep. It even starts to expel the gases on its own. It has worked for me and I recommend it 100%. I'm happy with my Wawa Band!

    Isabel Rada


  • Sara Montesinos
    It works really well for my baby. When he is hurting, I put it on and he relaxes instantly. Since we have it, he sleeps a lot better. I recommend it a 100%. and the smell is marvelous!

    Sara Montesinos

  • Raquel
    The Wawa Band relaxes them a lot. We combine the heat with anticolic massages and we have really noticed the difference. We are very happy.



  • A. Vilardell
    This is the result of using the Wawa Band. She relaxes a lot. We are very happy. We recommend it to all new parents we know. It is marvelous!

    A. Vilardell

  • Celia Alvarez
    Every day I am happier! My girl stays that way with her belt Kusi wawa, I recommend it 100%. Out of all the newly released moms around me are buying it. Thank you so much for making the lactation a little more bearable, because I thought that being breastfeeding would not give you colic, but I was wrong

    Celia Alvarez

  • Miriam Camacho

    After having tried everything with the colic, they told me about the Wawa Band, and already desperate I bought it ... it was a salvation because it was to put it and sleep 6 hours straight without twisting ... it is very comfortable since you only have to heat the bag and put it in the band ... my girl is now four months now and the cramps have disappeared. I recommend it to you, it helped me a lot.

    Miriam Camacho

  • Evelyn

    This is how our baby stays, the truth that at first I doubted a little about its usefulness, but I decided to buy it thanks to the positive comments. Honestly, the best purchase I could make to alleviate those pains that created Leyre, so it remains so happy when we put it on. Between the warmth and the smell that comes off it relaxes in a jiffy and at least rests.


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