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  • Lara Larousse
    I recommend it 100%. My baby has helped a lot with colic. Simply put it on and most times it calms down on its own. Some people  laughed at me when I told him that I had bought this, telling me that there was nothing for colic besides a few drops my doctor prescribed (nothing cheap and also, did not help at all). I'm super happy with the purchase.

    Lara Larousse


  • Sara Benitz
    He is a month and a half old and he just recently started having gases. We are using the Wawa Band to relieve him. Many parents recommended it to me, so  we decided to buy it. When we put it on, it relaxes him a lot. Let's see if we can improve the nights now that we have the Wawa Band.

    Sara Benitz

  • Cris D. García
    Last week we got the Wawa Band and we couldn't be happier. We are done with crying at night.

    Cris D. García

  • Montse
    The Wawa Band is really helpful. When we put it on his belly, it really calms him. It helps us all rest.


  • Elisabeth Jordán
    As soon as he started having gas, we immediately used the Wawa Band and for now we are very happy as we see that it is very relieving.

    Elisabeth Jordán


  • Mariló Alvarez
    A few days ago Juanjo began to cry and there was no way to calm him down. No chest, since I did not accept it. I did not know what to do, but suddenly I remembered the Kusi Wawa Method and started to put it to the test with the Wawa Band and the Wawa Wrap. We had a before and after. We manage to calm the baby and now we immediately turn to him. At home, we have already managed to find peace after the storm!

    Mariló Alvarez


  • Silvia
    The truth that there has been a before and an after. We have been here for a few weeks and since we used it we noticed a lot. It relaxes much more and releases the gases much better and it seems that the disquecia is also improving. We are very happy with both the product and the care received.



  • Miriam Rodriguez
    A few days ago Valentina began complaining in the evening / night ... for no apparent reason began to appear restless, waving legs and arms and releasing some tears (when she had never cried so far). The cramps had come home and we started using the Kusi Wawa Method at once. We are very happy because ... it works!

    Miriam Rodriguez


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