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  • Ana Isabel
    I have been using the Wawa Mom belt for several weeks and am delighted. I wear it after work and it relieves me a lot. Helps to reduce pain naturally thanks to heat. It is indicated for pregnancy, childbirth, postpartum pain and menstrual pain.

    I love that it is designed in collaboration with midwife Laura Tarrats and that it is scientifically proven by the Can Ruti Hospital and the IGTP research center. I am super happy with it and it is not surprising that the results of the study are 90% satisfied.

    I recommend it 100%

    Ana Isabel


  • Dylan and Kimberly's mom
    When I see that Kimberly is restless or has trouble sleeping or has gas, what I do is put this belt on her. It is so easy to use! You heat it for 15 seconds in the microwave. It has a safety device that alerts you if it is too hot and I love it.
    Since I put it on, she relaxes and falls asleep. The seeds have a super good smell. I wish I had met him with little brother Dylan, who had a lot of colic.

    Also, I see that they also have a belt for women! And that it is safe even for pregnancy.

    Dylan and Kimberly's mom


  • Lara
    After a few days testing the Wawa Band belt, we are happy. The mornings that there is no way for him to do his things is to put it on and it works immediately!



  • Maria
    Today I want to tell you about my experience with colic in my first pregnancy. New mom and a colicky baby ... imagine the big picture. She didn't want the afternoon to come. I got on my nerves when it started to get dark. It was when those undesirable crying without comfort began, cramps and that uncertainty of not knowing what to do.
    This time I was prevented thanks to the Wawa Band. Treats the physical pain factors that cause gas and colic. I love that it has an anti-scald safety device, to make sure it doesn't burn my baby's skin. Its almond oil is the perfect assistant to combine the Wawa Band with massages.


  • Sol
    We have applied the Kusi Wawa method when we see that our baby begins to be upset and is doing super well. It is highly recommended!


  • Enzo tiene muchos gases, y cada vez que le añadimos un alimento lo pasa fatal. Cuando veo que se me extriñe, caliento las semillas en el microondas 15 segunditos y le pongo el cinturón. ADemás su sistema para detectar la temperatura me da muchísimas tranquilidad. Le ayuda a dormirse, y siempre que se lo pongo se queda muy tranquilo.

  • Judith
    My child is a saint, but he stops being one when he has colic. And not to mention how exasperating it is for me to see him squirm and listen to his triples.

    That is precisely what the Wawa Band belt is for. It relieves him a lot when I put it on. And I love that it's all 100% natural.

    With Martín it has been great for us, it calms him down a lot and above all helps him to expel gas. Sometimes I even put it on after the bath just because it feels so good.

    I totally recommend it, taking into account that it is an inexpensive product, you do not lose anything by trying if you are having a bad time with this topic.



  • Tatiana
    When our daughter Acqua I see that she is not calm, that her tummy hurts, that she has trouble sleeping or has gas, what we do is put this Wawa Band belt on her.

    I love it. It is as easy as heating the bag of seeds that takes about 15 seconds in the microwave. If the temperature is too high for the little ones, it warns you with a red flame.

    I don't know what calms her so much, if the heat, or the smell so good ... but she stays super relaxed and at ease. In a minute she falls asleep. It is amazing!



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