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  • Blanca Llorca
    Noel was very upset for a few days since his belly hurt, and we finally found the solution thanks to the kusi_wawa band. It relaxes him a lot, relieves the pain and when he uses it, he remains very quiet. I am delighted with the Wawa Band, it is a very good option if your baby has colic, to relieve them.

    Blanca Llorca

  • Marie Descharles
    The Wawa Band is a marvel designed to relieve colic in babies. The function of the belt is to hold a small warm cushion over the baby's intestines. It helps to relieve pain, expel gases and relax the baby.

    It's really magical when baby crying squirms in pain. I started putting it on Axel's belly, which complained a lot and often cried after feeding. In less than 5 minutes, baby no longer cries and falls asleep, soothed by the heat!

    Marie Descharles

    Cournon D'Auvergne- France

  • Ana Martín
    Super good with the older one I also bought it and with Lara it knew  that I would buy it because it goes great

    Ana Martín

  • Angélique Calomne
    [calming pregnancy belt]

    I have been using the WawaMom belt from kusi wawa for a few days and it is already part of my daily life!

    The back pain and the sciatic nerve that tickles my thigh are back ... Long live the effect of the heat to calm it down!

      These are completely organic seed bags, to put a few seconds in the microwave, to generate heat and relax the painful area.

    The belt is also, and above all, recommended to relieve and control contractions ... I really want to try it on that scenario too.

    Angélique Calomne

    Loison sous Lens. FRANCE

  • Marta Sanabria
    We had inaugurated the colic era. But we have quickly managed to control it thanks to the combination of several things.

    We took the Wawa Band to help calm the gas and discomfort, we started a daily massage routine, we made portage and we changed the baby bottle nipple.

    Marta Sanabria


  • Marta Lucena
    My job requires me to sew a lot, so you can imagine the pain I have on my back. Even, a couple of months before I got pregnant I was admitted at a hospital for my back problems.

    When I discovered the Wawa Mom belt, I did not hesitate to try it. Only if I could alleviate this pain a little bit, it would have been worth it ... but the reality exceeded my expectations.

    It's wonderful and it relieves me a lot. I use it daily. I can not be separated from him anymore. I can not wait for delivery day to put him to the test with contractions and postpartum. But, I know, he has become a life partner because when I get back to work ... it will be one of my essentials.

    Marta Lucena


  • Melisa Linsata
    Goodbye baby colic. With the Wawa Band, I put it on and the baby automatically relaxes until he falls asleep

    Melisa Linsata


  • Alba
    When Marco is uneasy, he does not stop protesting because his belly hurts and he can not get to sleep, we put him in the Wawa band and that's the result


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