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  • Cindy
    We are very happy



  • Cris Palomera
    Laia always after eating is very uneasy. They are not colic, but she  does have it for an hour afterwards, restless and unable to relax. So when I discovered the Wawa Band I did not hesitate to try it. I work in pharmacy and I knew many treatments but Kusi Wawa is the one that convinced me why it is 100% natural. Now, I do not stop recommending why it is super effective.

    Cris Palomera


  • Laura
    Hello! I am writing to tell you that I am delighted with the kusi wawa band. I bought it 1 month ago, my baby is a month and a half, xq had colic and it is true that at the beginning to be smaller did not let me put it well and did not give much result, but now it is santos hand put it and calms down and he falls asleep Thank you very much for the invention! Highly recommended



  • Gaby
    With the Wawa Band he falls asleep instantly. Its wonderful


  • Sheila
    Little Judit occasionally has gas and the Wawa Band and her warmth are doing very well. They help you calm down a lot.



  • Nuria Salas
    We tried for a couple days. We are very happy, specially our baby.

    Nuria Salas

  • Jessica Ruiz
    I bought kusi wawa because my daughter had a lot of belly aches, I learned what it was and how it worked. What I liked most is that it is all natural based on seeds and herbs. THANK YOU I found it. My little one no longer suffers

    Jessica Ruiz

    Comunidad Valenciana

  • Nuria Rodriguez
    Gas solved. I've finally found what works for us! When I see that she has pain, I warm her up with the Wawa Band, lull her and relax at the moment. It does not need anything else.

    When it's quieter, I do the bike to help get the gas.

    We have two days with this routine and our little doll is great. What a pleasure when we solve the problems!

    Nuria Rodriguez


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