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  • Mamá de Alan
    it has past some time since we used the Wawa Band . We used it a lot between the first and second month of life, due to colic. Now he's about to turn 4 months old and the cramps have already disappeared, but today he was having a horrible day... I did not know what to do, so I put it on and it's like magic! Look how relaxed he looks!

    Mamá de Alan

  • Mami de Naiara
    An ideal way to help our kids naturally. This wonder helps Leo to relax and relieves the little one when it gives him a little war. It has been great to find and use it.

    Mami de Naiara

  • Mari Prado
    We love our Wawa Band. Since we  have it she sleeps way better.

    Mari Prado

    Ciudad Real

  • Claudia García
    Valeria is a bit of a warrior. She cries a lot and if it were for her, she would eat every hour. All this, in the end causes gas and discomfort in the petite. That's why we bought the Wawa Band, and it calms a lot! The warmth and smell make you relax. And if she relaxes, we do too!

    Claudia García


  • Alicia Moya
    We tried the Wawa Band because Luca had a lot of gases. It has been wonderful because it work really well for us. 

    Alicia Moya


  • Mariló Macías
    We bought the Wawa Band and it worked really well. 

    We are very happy.

    Mariló Macías


  • Maria Gallart
    Nico has a season with gases or colic (it is not very well what it is) that make him be bad, restless and cry non-stop. They proposed to try the Kusi Wawa Method and have been the hand of Saint. It's the Wawa Band, a band that heats the microwave, you put it around the tripite. Then wrap it up with the Wawa Wrap and in a matter of minutes it gets relaxed even dormidito. It has been our salvation many nights!

    Maria Gallart


  • Nerea Jimenez
    As I feared, colic or gas has not given us a truce like what happened to our first daughter. Every night at around 9 or 10 he starts crying, writhing, bowing, etc. We spent a few days applying the Kusi Wawa Method and I swear that's how it works for us: the baby starts crying, and after a while he relaxes ... I put on the Wawa Band, I coo him with the Wawa Wrap, I give him the pacifier. .. And he sleeps!
    And the band with the thermal cushion smells wonderful and the lullaby is super tasty. It's a holy hand! Highly recommended!

    Nerea Jimenez


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