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  • Paola Segura
    I recommend it. My baby at the beginning had night baby colic, so I thought I wasn't going to loose anything with trying. And when we did, it calmed him down a lot and helped him relax and sleep

    Paola Segura

  • Yurena Rosario Martinez
    We bought the gray Wawa Band from Kusi Wawa and my son is doing very well. I am delighted, I recommend it

    Yurena Rosario Martinez

  • Sofia
    In this second pregnancy I have started to have lower back pain and in the pelvic area very soon. This is why I decided to use the Wawa Mom belt.

    I'm very happy. Its heat helps a lot to relieve my pain. I am using it a lot and I recommend it!


    A Coruña

  • Andrea Sanchez
    With Noah, I have created some routines to help relax him. He is a child that requires a lot of arms and my other daughter, Valentina, sometimes feels sad about it. So I try to be very strict with my routines to help relax Hugo as much as possible so I can devote time to Valentina.

    I have changed the time of the shower at a time that is more pleasant for him and he tolerates it better, I massage him daily and when I see him nervous I apply the Kusi Wawa Method.

    I'm very happy.

    Andrea Sanchez


  • Carmen Rodriguez
    Patricia has reflux and gas, which causes discomfort, especially in the afternoon / evening. As it is the second daughter and we already suffer colic with the first, we bought the Wawa band with the intention of helping you in case the same thing happened to you. And what a success! Nothing calms it like the warmth it gives off, it also smells great!

    Of everything we tried with both children, the Wawa band is what works, leaves it calm and relieved. In addition, the infant also suffered from dyschezia during the first weeks and the pediatrician recommended dry heat and with this we solved it.

    The truth is that we are delighted!

    Carmen Rodriguez

  • Blanca Llorca
    Noel was very upset for a few days since his belly hurt, and we finally found the solution thanks to the kusi_wawa band. It relaxes him a lot, relieves the pain and when he uses it, he remains very quiet. I am delighted with the Wawa Band, it is a very good option if your baby has colic, to relieve them.

    Blanca Llorca

  • Marie Descharles
    The Wawa Band is a marvel designed to relieve colic in babies. The function of the belt is to hold a small warm cushion over the baby's intestines. It helps to relieve pain, expel gases and relax the baby.

    It's really magical when baby crying squirms in pain. I started putting it on Axel's belly, which complained a lot and often cried after feeding. In less than 5 minutes, baby no longer cries and falls asleep, soothed by the heat!

    Marie Descharles

    Cournon D'Auvergne- France

  • Ana Martín
    Super good with the older one I also bought it and with Lara it knew  that I would buy it because it goes great

    Ana Martín

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