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  • Leticia Galofré
    My son Nico has three essentials at bedtime.

    1. The nest bed
    2. the Wawa Band
    3. A little sheep that makes white noise.

    The Wawa Band is wonderful. when I see that Nico gets nervous I put the hot band and it's automatic. It relaxes instantly. I also use it to heat the nest, since Nico does not like to find the cold bed!

    Leticia Galofré


  • Beatriz
    Mateo had been almost 3 weeks after each shot was writhing and had pains, so we deduce that they could be colic.
    We tried massaging the belly in the clockwise direction, holding its little legs and stretching and shrinking. But I kept crying. So we tried the Wawa Band by Kusi Wawa. It has been great for us, why was it put on and it calmed down? We highly recommend it.


  • Marta Rivas
    Since Friday I have contractions and enough pain and discomfort. So every day I think it can be the day!

    I'm not feeling bad, but these little pains were bothering me. So I got a Wawa Mom belt and it's working very well for me. It is a pleasure, because of the smell and because the warmth relieves me a lot.

    Marta Rivas


  • Olga
    Childbirth is a unique and wonderful experience. There really are no words that can describe what it feels like, you have to live it.
    Our daughter Anna was born in the Germans Trias i Pujol Hospital. I started with a labor dynamic at dawn. The initial work I did at home. To control pain and be comfortable, in addition to other non-pharmacological measures, I was very helpful thermal belt. The heat provided by this device relieved my pain. Having the velcro and being able to adjust it to the size of the waist, I found it very practical. It allowed me to wear the belt when I needed to walk or squat to control the pain. The pain started in my lower back and radiated to my pubis. Having two bags of seeds that are placed in the belt in the lumbar and suprapubic area, allows simultaneous control of pain in both areas. The sacks are heated in the microwave, which is fast and very practical. In short, I think it has been very useful to help control pain in the early phase of labor.



  • Elin's mom
    Elin is going be a month now, the third week of life  he stopped sleeping and crying a lot. He was not doing well on the belly.  I deduced they were gases because he was in so much pain.  when i was pregnant pregnant I saw the kusi wawa method on instagram and when I saw that the crying didn't stop, I did not hesitate to order it. I received it yesterday and we have already seen the differenc. He finally slept without crying, we are very happy with kusi wawa!

    Elin's mom

  • Anonim
    You are a discovery! My baby had a really bad time with colic, it was difficult for her to expel gases  and she was restless and annoyed. Since we applied the wawa band with the massage with your almond oil, she has not suffered anymore.

    It is a joy to see her sleeping! Many thanks!!


  • Alexandra Anguera
    We massage the little one every morning with the wawa oil massage oil and he loves it. It stays super relaxed. It is our special moment of the day.

    Alexandra Anguera


  • Yaiza
    When Noa was 15 days old, she started crying inconsolably. I could'nt believe it. Could they be colic? with how badly we had it with Angel.

    I tried everything, but nothing calmed her down so I decided to try the Wawa Band. Without much hope because I thought it would not work.

    What was my surprise when putting it on began to expel gas and was super quiet. It has worked very well for us. and the only thing I regret is not having used it before!



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