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  • Saray Navarro
    We can't wait for baby colic to disappear. Thankfully, we have the Wawa Bandto help with that. We bought it in Innova Kids and we are really happy with its results.

    Saray Navarro


  • Anonimo
    If there is something that has been useful to me since my daughter was born to calm her down, it is undoubtedly the Wawa Band.

    When I was recommended in Baby Suite by Pau I did not trust much that it worked, but since it has saved us from nights of crying in which you do not know what else you can do, I am an unconditional fan.

    In our case it does not have cramps, but there are days when it is more annoying and it is the hand of a saint.


  • Laura Castro
    When my daughter was one month old, she started with infant colic and we tried all the possible postures to relieve her and all the massages that were available and to be had. By chance one early morning I found the publicity the Wawa Band and after reading the opinions of other moms, I bought it. And I want to say that it is the best thing that I have bought in a long time. It relieved him a lot and he managed to sleep peacefully, and we too, since we were very worried about not knowing how to alleviate the pain. I have always carried it in your bag anywhere you went and I have recommended it to family and friends.

    Laura Castro

  • Natalia Ortiz
    At 9 o'clock the hour of crying begins! It's been a week since I've been giving Leo the Wawa Band and Wawa Wrap pack to relieve my baby's colic. I assure you that it calms him very much, it is the hand of a saint! I'm super happy. First I put the cushion of the Wawa Band in the microwave for about 15 seconds and the baby calms down a bit. Then we roll it well as they explain in their video tutorial and it is super relaxed. We recommend it to all our friends!

    Natalia Ortiz


  • Alba Molina
    The first week was exasperating of tears. Then we got the Kusi Wawa pack, since many friends recommended it to me. And it worked for us from the first day! We are doing great. We also combine it with some massages during the day that our nurse taught us.

    Alba Molina


  • Laura
    Eyra has a couple of days with many tears at all hours, especially after each shot. We thought that they could be colic. so we have released the Wawa Band by Kusi Wawa and it seems that it relaxes her. After all the morning complaining she has calmed down and is now asleep on daddy's arms.


  • Pili Méndez
    Thank you very much for the Wawa Band! It's amazing to see how my baby relaxed completely from the first moment you put it on. I could not believe it. he had just spent 15 days admitted due to milk allergy and had damaged the digestive system, which was annoying 24 hours a day. In addition, colics joined him and we spent a few horrible days. It was a non-stop crying and cramping ... Today, the Wawa Band is the only thing that has taken effect. For us, a true miracle!

    Pili Méndez

  • Mamá de Manuela y Gabriela
    Manuela, the older sister, does not want to go to sleep until we all fall asleep. To Gabriela the colic comes to her late at night. We bought the Wawa Band and it relieves her a lot. When Gabriela starts crying, Manuela runs to the kitchen screaming: El Kusi Wawa! The Kusi Wawa! He is happy to be able to help his little sister to calm down. And we are very happy because Gabriela feels better, and Manuela feels part of our daily routine

    Mamá de Manuela y Gabriela

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