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  • Evelyn

    This is how our baby stays, the truth that at first I doubted a little about its usefulness, but I decided to buy it thanks to the positive comments. Honestly, the best purchase I could make to alleviate those pains that created Leyre, so it remains so happy when we put it on. Between the warmth and the smell that comes off it relaxes in a jiffy and at least rests.


  • Mari Carmen Pérez

    Mari Carmen Pérez


  • Elena Peirón
    We received it this mornin and we have already tried it! It smells really well and when when we used it he fell asleep inmediately!

    Elena Peirón

  • Danae Albanell

    Tonight I go to sleep less tired than the previous days because Nina has spent almost all day sleeping, quiet and relaxed. Practically no parrots ... Nothing to do with previous days. These days, when Nina was doing poop, she was facing discomfort and made some other gossip ... so I decided to put on the Wawa Band. It has been to put it on and have to change the diaper automatically. Nina has been very relaxed with the caloric in the stomach. We are delighted!

    Danae Albanell

    Sant Just Desvern

  • Sara Vidal

    With our first daughter, we had a very bad time with colic. This is almost 5 years ago. When I found out I was pregnant I started looking for methods because I did not want it to go wrong ... so I found Kusi Wawa and started to follow her account. Mateo has 21 days and is not being as serious as his sister, but we still bought the Wawa Band. We arrived yesterday and we are delighted. At night he gave him a bump, put it on and fell asleep. My husband thought it was a coincidence, but I had already read very good references. This noon has returned to happen the same and same as before, as soon as you put the Wawa Band is very calm. Thank you so much for creating this marvel! I wish I had found you with Chloe.

    Sara Vidal

  • Vivian Gonzalez
    Since we started using our Wawa Band our baby has stopped crying for colic. We still can't believe it. We Recommend it a 100%

    Vivian Gonzalez


  • Elisabet Galvan
    Gas! We have tried everything and when I say Everything is EVERYTHING. We have followed all the advice they have given us and nothing ...
    For now the only thing that has been working for us is the Wawa Band, which seems to calm her a lot.
    A few seconds in the microwave and the tummy, the heat of the cushion calms the pain and the herbal seeds relax you.
    A super find. And a natural and safe method!

    Elisabet Galvan


  • Cristina Lobato
    Since it arrived we are delighted, our baby was very restless and could not even sleep, we had been desperate days and thanks to find the wawa band is to hear him complain, put it on and so quiet stays.

    Cristina Lobato


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