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Introducing the Wawa Mom Belt at the FAME 2019 Congress

Introducing the Wawa Mom Belt at the FAME 2019 Congress
FAME Congress

The past 6-8 June we presented the new Wawa Mom Belt in Malaga at the FAME Congress, by the hand of Laura Tarrats (creator of the thermal belt for women).
The experience was wonderful and allowed us to present one of our latest developments among one of the professions that most amaze us: midwives.
This belt, as you know, has been created together with Laura Tarrats and the IGTP Research Institute. Laura Tarrats and her team had already been testing for a year at the Hospital Germans Trias, carrying out an investigation to find out the results of this study.
At this year's Congress, Laura was invited as a keynote speaker to explain the whole process of creating the product and researching its results.

- Laura began her presentation explaining how she had the idea to create the belt for pregnant women.
- Next, proceed to talk about the results obtained with this invention.
- The objective of the study was to define whether women who used the belt considered that it reduced pain
- Two groups are created, one of control and the other of study. The former do not use the Wawa Mom belt, while the latter do.
- All the women who were part of the study received a questionnaire asking them about the degree of pain they perceived (the visual analog scale VAS was used to define it).
- Women in the study group, apart from the VAS questionnaire, also received a satisfaction questionnaire
- The women who used the Wawa Mom belt reduced the sensation of pain at least by one degree when using it.
-The degree of satisfaction of all the women in the study was greater than 80%
- Of all the moms who had used the Wawa Mom belt, 90% of them considered it pleasant, practical and useful.

Many thanks.

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