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Can we use the Wawa Mom belt in Summer?

Can we use the Wawa Mom belt in Summer?

Starting in August, the delivery room calendar begins to fill up. And it is not by chance. Every year there is usually the same trend.

And with the heat, sometimes you ask us about the Wawa Mom belt. Today we are going to talk about it and how to use it with heat.

In principle there is no problem in using the belt in the middle of summer. The heat is contained and will not cause you heat. It will simply give you relief from the contained area. Remember that the belt has two heat points. One in the suprapubic area, to relieve pain in the anterior part. And another in the lumbar part to alleviate the pain of the lumbar.

This is why it is such a complete belt. Why will both sides relieve you. And, in addition, it will allow you to have free movement at all times. You will use it in pregnancy, the day of delivery and for the rest of your life. Since it is made with quality fabrics and the durability (if it is well maintained following the instructions) is very long. You can use it to relieve menstruation pain, stomach aches, relieve and help expel gases and for back and lower back pain. You can even use it for neck contractures.

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