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Two weeks of confinement.

Two weeks of confinement.

Good morning, families. Today we have been confined for two weeks. We are, if things are not expanded, at the equator of confinement.

The good thing, there are many families making a great effort to help and give a little air to our health system. Together we can do it.

But now, with two weeks of confinement behind him, at home the frustration begins to be felt. For those of you who don't know, we have two children. A girl of five and a boy of a year and a half.
All in all, we are trying to continue working online with the things that are urgent and we also have to keep moving forward with “online teaching”. Apart from doing all the household chores to make sure that there is order in the house (if not, we would all go crazy) and that the meal and nap times are more or less maintained.

The theory is one and then the moment comes when you give yourself the nose with reality ... which forces you to be more flexible with the schedule. Although we do have sacred keeping the routines because they are basic to keep us all sane at the moment (I guess you already intuit that I am quite organized ... hehe. Or I try with two children ...). We have also had to lighten our demands when working. We take work forward, of course, but working with children at home is not the same as working with children. We try to divide my husband and I (I work in the morning and he in the afternoon), but, the children enter…. And I'm not going to scold them for it.
At the same time, classes continue too. Nothing slows down. And right now you have to put on your teacher's hat. But with such a small child you can already imagine the tranquility that my oldest daughter has to make them. It is impossible. So we do WHAT WE CAN while the little one takes a nap. And if we can we connect to appointments. But we are very clear that I will not force either. It seems like a lie but we are doing everything they share with us. So we are not far behind either. But, the rhythm is set by us and not by the school.

Why am I saying this? Because we are trying everything to continue at the same pace as before. When in reality this is an opportunity to stop. To enjoy time together. Of the SIMPLE things. Maybe for someone who is alone at home, it is a good time to train. To do tutorials or masters ... or whatever. But when are we at home with children? I feel that this is not the time.

It is time to play with them, to relax. To be understood. To talk a lot. I think our little one will come out talking about the retreat. He entered that he only said "poo, dad and mom" and now he already says "maco, moto, camió ... and repeats everything we say". It is connection time. To take advantage of this gift of stopping. To keep doing. Of course, it also helps us to have our moments of "solitude". But everything with measure. and being clear about our priorities. Today, who needs us the most is them and their mental health and joy throughout this period depends on us.

And the school will come ... they will continue. And the same with our work. And I am sure that we will do more than we had planned. So don't be overwhelmed. Now they need us happy, "rested" and with many ideas.

Cheer up all the dads and moms who are throwing ‘palante and you are living this retreat with maximum peace and maximum tranquility. It is not easy and sometimes fear, uncertainty or overwhelm take over us. But, you have to let go. You have to live and you have to connect.