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Tutorial of anti colic massage

Tutorial of anti colic massage
The massage is a basic part when it comes to helping to relieve the newborn and to favor its intestinal transit.
Thanks to our collaboration with AEMI, we have learned how to massage our babies. And is that not only we love being able to help them on a practical level, the reality is that the more you massage the more you want to massage because the smiles and the little looks that our fat man gives us hooked.
That is why we always recommend attending any workshop that a certified professional in Child Massage by AEMI. The experience is wonderful, you know charming professionals who can help you in many aspects of raising your baby. But in addition, you also know other dads who are in situations similar to you.
In today's post we want to show you a tutorial that we have done where we give you some tips on how to perform a massage that will help relieve the colic of the little ones.

In the video, you will see that now, on our website you will find 100% natural almond oil to be able to perform massages with your baby. No chemicals, only 100% natural sweet almond. The best complement to the Kusi Wawa Method and the best way to massage your baby. It is the only thing we recommend both from AEMI and from Kusi Wawa.

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