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Turquoise combo

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Full Kusi Wawa combo. 

It includes:

  • 100% Organic cotton apparel with easy opening / closing system. Pajamas of size 0-1 months have mittens incorporated in the sleeves. Includes the system of optimal placement between Wawa Pajama and Wawa Band.
  • 100% cotton band and thermal seed cushion. The tape is placed around the baby's body to apply heat to the belly of the baby. Technically it is designed to ensure the comfort and the ideal placement of the piece in the body of the newborn. Includes the optimal placement system between Wawa Pajama and Wawa Band.
  • 100% cotton blanket that allows optimal wrapping of the baby. The fabric confection offers softness and flexibility; to be able to contain the baby comfortably and make him feel as if he were in the mother's belly again.
  • Turquoise combo
  • Turquoise combo
  • Turquoise combo
  • Turquoise combo

  • 100% orgànic cotton

  • Mantain at cool dry area

  • Wash at 30º

  • Do not bleach

  • Ironing at 100ºC

How does the Kusi Wawa method work?

  1. Dress the baby with the Wawa Wear to obtain the ideal positioning for the Wawa Band.
  2. Button the clasps between the pijama and the Wawa Band.
  3. Place the Wawa Band around the baby’s body. Start on top of the baby’s belly, go around the body through the back and close the band with the Velcro, on top of the baby’s belly again. Make sure that the Wawa Band has been placed properly and that it fits tightly around the baby’s body. Thanks to the Velcro and the elastic band placed in the back, the band should really adapt to the baby’s body. The pocket to place the cushion should be on top of baby’s belly, with the pocket opening towards the top.
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  • Sandra Gonzalez
    Baby had a hard time going to the bathroom and I bought the Wawa Band for this reason. While using it I also saw that he would expel gases much easier. We love it.

    Sandra Gonzalez

  • Paola Segura
    I recommend it. My baby at the beginning had night baby colic, so I thought I wasn't going to loose anything with trying. And when we did, it calmed him down a lot and helped him relax and sleep

    Paola Segura

  • Yurena Rosario Martinez
    We bought the gray Wawa Band from Kusi Wawa and my son is doing very well. I am delighted, I recommend it

    Yurena Rosario Martinez

  • Sofia
    In this second pregnancy I have started to have lower back pain and in the pelvic area very soon. This is why I decided to use the Wawa Mom belt.I'm very happy. Its heat helps a lot to relieve my...


    A Coruña