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Treatment for baby colic

Treatment for baby colic
Colic is one of the issues that most concern parents. A baby suffering from colic turns red, screams and writhes. It hurts just to see it and, it still hurts more if you do not know what to do.
When our first daughter was born, my heart broke every night when she started crying. Everything started with a wave of guilt. What had I done wrong? Why did my little girl keep crying? Because he did not know how to calm her? I felt bad mothers to the core. I even felt guilty if this was a consequence of something I had done / happened in the pregnancy.
In short, it is well known the tendency to guilt of all mothers ... so when we finally found the combination of actions that allowed us to relax our little girl - what we now baptize as the Kusi Wawa Method - we do not doubt for a second We should share it with the world.
We are aware that colic is benign. That the babies are healthy and grow well. And that is something that will happen ... but when you suffer. They really suffer. And they last for months, so having to live day after day with this anguish was horrible. For someone who does not live it, three months fly by. But for those who have it at home, it is an eternity and a loss of important confidence.
It is for this reason, why today we have tried to transfer everything we learned so that you do not have to go through what we went through.

What is the Kusi Wawa Method?
It is an Active Method that develops when the baby is in full cry. That is to say. What we will do when the baby cries and will help us calm him down.

Why is it so effective?
Because we are dealing with two of the basic aspects of colic. We started relieving intestinal pain through thermotherapy. The seed cushion also includes relaxing aromatherapy that promotes the relaxation of the newborn. As a differentiation, we are the only ones that have a safety device ANTIQUEMADURAS to protect the skin of our babies.
And in a second phase, we help to relax the baby through the much needed contact. In this phase, we apply the 5S theory of Dr Harvey Karp. We initiate the relaxation process by lulling our little one to give him the comfort he needs and also avoid the rapid movement of arms and legs that only leads to a greater state of nervousness. Then we take him in his arms, we swing him, we sing to him, we spoil him ... and once he is more receptive we offer him the breast or the pacifier (whatever he takes).

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