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Three weeks confined

Three weeks confined

Good morning families. Here we are again. Three weeks confined and it must be said that we have already created routines and that it seems that the kids are already assuming the new reality.
However, as a mother, it makes me suffer. It makes me suffer to see them locked up. Yes, maybe I am very aerial. We are a very active family and we are never at home. Maybe it's our personality and that's why these ideas come to mind.
Above all, and I wanted to say good fortune, WE ARE HEROES, MOMS AND DADS. It must be said. Despite all our concerns, the work we have and everything we are doing. Going forward with positivism, a good attitude towards the situation, makes us all heroes too.
And I go further. I think of single moms and dads. That they have everything much more difficult. Chapó chapó and chapó for all of us.
A few weeks ago I read an article from the country (I attached it to the end of this reflection). The title, containment measures that do not take into account children. Actually, I am not a health worker or a psychologist. So all I'm saying now is my own human person reasoning and nothing else. I'm not an expert, I'm not a professional ... I'm just a mom.
In the article he talks about other countries where they have taken into account the smallest and allowed them to leave with strict contact restrictions. It is very clear that, in the face of danger, I prefer to stay at home to avoid getting it or getting it. I also understand that it is very necessary to stay at home because the health system is at its limit. And everything these people are doing for us is unthinkable. It is priceless. Not only they, but their families, are put at risk for us. I think here we see what it is to be vocational. I admire these people and, for them, we are doing everything. It doesn't even occur to me not to. I hope that we all learn from this and begin to value, in the future, everything that is really important (I think this topic needs reflection on its own ... I know what my next post is going to be).

 But, my reflection today is ... if there really is no danger as the article says ... is it not worth thinking about?

It is clear that we are at the point that we are, and it really is a waste of time to stop to assess whether it is correct or not correct as the subject has been approached. I do not know. I am not drawn on the subject as a reflection to which we have to come to a conclusion. DO NOT. I'm just sharing reflections that I do. Things that come to mind and the truth, it is even therapeutic to write about it.

On the other hand, I am very aware that we are lucky. We have access to a garden. We are in a rural area, so it is not a pretty little garden, but rather it is a hillside (my daughter calls it the mountain ... and every day we can we will climb the mountain). But it serves to climb, and have a fun time. But I can't stop thinking about all these boys and girls who are locked up at home with no exit to a garden. These families living in small apartments without a terrace. Those parents who are dealing with their "air" needs.
It is clear that not all of us have been the same effort this confinement. We are not all in the same situation. It makes me scratch my teeth a little when I see celebrities incriminate or insult people who don't stay at home, from their big houses and their big gardens that look like parks. With this I am not justifying that people leave their houses. No sir. With this I am only saying that it is not the same. And that if you are in a privileged situation perhaps you should consider what is your behavior with society. Or what do you do to improve it.

 Anyway, I'm not going to beat you up anymore. I finish the reflection by leaving you the link to the article about the country that I was commenting on.

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