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What can you use the Wawa Mom belt for?

What can you use the Wawa Mom belt for?
Wawa Mom is the new belt that we present that is designed for Mom. This belt was created by the Matron Laura Tarrats in conjunction with the IGTP Research Center, thinking about the day of delivery.


The belt is designed to apply heat in the lumbar and suprapubic area, since they are the two points where contractions are felt most at the time of delivery. This device was created, but in the form of a belt and with seed cushions to allow free movement while applying heat.


In Kusi Wawa, as an additional detail, we have added our knowledge to the design of the Wawa Mom belt and we have made these cushions with our masterful mix that allows us to heat the cushions quickly and effectively. Thanks to the seed we use, the weight is very controlled and avoids bothering the new mom. At the same time, also, it has the so distinctive soft aroma of Kusi Wawa that helps to relax.


But, although the belt has been tested and created for the day of delivery, the wonderful thing is that it is a very versatile belt. It has many utilities and we will describe what they are today:


During pregnancy, the heat of the Wawa Mom will allow us to alleviate those small ailments that may arise in a 100% natural and non-intrusive way.

-Back pain

- Sciatica pain

- Pelvic pain

- Contractions



- Back pain
- Corners
- Contractures in the back or neck
- Menstrual pain

So, even if you can buy it pregnant, the belt has been created thinking about giving it an infinite use. Do not miss out on your Wawa Mom thermal belt because it's a wonder. Scientifically proven

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