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Spanish hospitals pick up the Wawa mom wave

Spanish hospitals pick up the Wawa mom wave

The Wawa Mom belt is increasingly requested, and it is that hospitals love to be able to offer their warmth with all the comfort it provides.

The Wawa Mom belt - created by midwife Laura Tarrats and the Germans Trias and Pujol research institute, is wonderful for relieving labor pain. Thanks to its two heat points - the lumbar and suprapubic areas - it allows heat to be applied to the two key points for the relief of contraction pain. But the wonderful thing about this belt is not only the heat points but also allows the application of heat at the same time that you can move with total freedom of movement without the heat bags moving.

For this, many hospitals are already incorporating it into the delivery rooms, in order to offer another practical, effective and safe solution to help future moms at that special moment.
At the Dexeus University Center hospital we are already part of your birth plan and we are another tool of this great team.

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Do you want to know the history of Laura and the Germans Trias and Pujol Institute, and how this project is created? You will find a blog post here.

But the best thing about the women's thermal belt is that it is not only intended for the day of delivery. It is a very versatile belt that you can use during pregnancy to relieve back pain and sciatica naturally. In the postpartum, it will help you with the painful cramps. And forever more, you will have it to relieve back pain, cervical pain, menstrual pain, contractures, etc. Always allowing the application of heat at all times, without having to stop moving.

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