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The Wawa Band does not work for me?

The Wawa Band does not work for me?

After the last quality survey, we realized that, although it is a low percentage, there is a percentage of moms who think that the Wawa Band has not worked for them.

We are very happy that more than 80% are very happy and I would recommend it, but, as our intention is to help the maximum of families that almost 20% hurts us in the heart.

Because of this, we want to dedicate today's post to these families that do not work for them or that they think does not work well for them.

1. The most important thing to remember is that the Wawa Band has a function: to relieve the physical pain and to help to expel gases. Therefore, we always say that the Wawa Band, alone can help in cases of gas and / or disquecia. But that will not be enough to relieve colic.
2. In case of colic it is VERY IMPORTANT to combine the relief of physical pain with the emotional support of the second part of the Kusi Wawa Method. Because of this, it is so important to perform all the steps of the method.
3. We have seen that the degree of satisfaction of those who buy the Wawa Band + the Wawa Wrap has been 100%, which suggests that those who have done all the steps of the Kusi Wawa Method have achieved the most important thing: soothe and relieve their babies.

Therefore, we re-emphasize the importance of performing ALL PARTS OF THE KUSI WAWA METHOD. We attach video in this post or you can also find it on our website.

We also recommend to follow our other advice to carry out a very marked daily routine that favors the reduction of the intensity of the crises. you will find articles talking about it here.




And a very important part of the routines is to perform daily massages. Apart from helping with intestinal transit are very important to promote contact between baby and mom / dad with what we develop even more the personal bond between the two. Find posts on the blog by talking about it here:




But the most important thing is to know what, if still doing all this you see that it does not work as you would like or have any doubt (which is completely logical, since everything is new) You can always contact us by writing to wawa@kusiwawa.com please get in touch with us and it will be a pleasure to help you.