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The first belt to relieve the pain of pregnant women

The first belt to relieve the pain of pregnant women

A year ago, Laura Tarrats, with her team of midwives at Can Ruti Hospital, has been working on a prototype to help alleviate labor contractions.

To this day, midwives have always been the main partners of mothers in the birth process; what allows them to empathize and know the main needs of these.

It has long been known that heat helps relieve contractions and in many hospitals they already used seed cushions or compresses dipped in hot water to relieve pain. The main problem that generated, but, is that it could not be kept in the right place since the bags were falling.

Laura Tarrats took this knowledge and began to design "something" to be able to apply heat in the areas where contractions are most felt while allowing free movement. He started the creation process with some leggings and in the end he evolved to the belt that we know today.

After a year of research and testing the belt, the team of Laura Tarrats and the IGTP Research Center decided to open the possibility of marketing the belt. So they got in touch with us.

From the beginning the belt we loved because it fits perfectly with our philosophy and our products. It's natural, it's effective, it's practical and under our vision ... it was going to be beautiful too!

So after tests, visits to the clothing workshop, remodeling, visits to our fabric suppliers, tests and tests until we find the one that is PERFECT ... the Wawa Mom belt was born. It is the perfect solution that combines practicality and effectiveness with the modern design that distinguishes Kusi Wawa.

Today, there is no system like this to apply heat and keep it in the area where you need while offering movement. In addition, the cushions have the distinctive aroma of Kusi Wawa that is so relaxing.

Throughout the weeks, we will be doing different posts where we will talk about the heat in particular and why it helps to relieve the pain of contractions. We will also talk about why free movement is so important. And we can even talk about both hospital births and home births.
The Wawa Mom belt is ideal for any delivery scenario. But, best of all, you will also use it before and after. You can use it when your back hurts in the last months of pregnancy, to relieve sciatica. When the baby is born, to relieve the wrongs, for the pain of contractures or simply to relax.

If you want to have more information about the belt, visit us here:



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