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The essential is invisible to the eyes

The essential is invisible to the eyes
The essential is invisible to the eyes

We all know that children are great teachers of life. And with them you find yourself face to face with wonderful lessons. It can come by reactions, by actions of themselves. Or it can come from great stories.

A few months ago our daughter is in love with the story of "The Little Prince". Every night we read a fragment and we already have several repetitions of the book. When reading it, it is wonderful to get to know the story from new eyes. Do you remember the last time you read it? I was still preteen. With which, goes without saying that many of the messages of the book were not understood at all.

After reading it and rereading it there is a phrase that has fallen in love with me and that is so true. The essential is invisible to the eyes. And there is no greater truth. Life is like that, and all the most important things are invisible. Why are we talking about love, happiness, joy, peace ... all invisible. Why do not we look with our eyes with our hearts?

When you are a mom, you live with your heart in your hand. You look at your children with this unique perspective. Live it. Live that joy. Live that invisible part of life. Because it is undoubtedly the most beautiful and is the one you will remember the most and even miss in a few years.

But it is true that each stage has its beautiful things. And you have to enjoy them all. Enjoy the today, the now. Kiss a lot Dance and sing. Be happy. Do not let life go by worrying you or noticing things that are not important.

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