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The colic revolution: Kusi Wawa and its results with ACIP

The colic revolution: Kusi Wawa and its results with ACIP
The Kusi Wawa method was born in 2014 with the birth of the daughter of the founder of the brand. She suffered from many cramps and, as a new mom, made the decision not to let her daughter cry. He searched among all the traditional ways to relieve colic, studied its effects and tested it with his daughter. When he found what worked, he baptized it with the name Method Kusi Wawa.

Kusi Wawa is a method that addresses two key elements of infant colic: applies thermotherapy to relieve physical pain in the abdominal area of ​​the infant and applies the theory of 5S of Dr. Harvey Karp to relax the newborn, offering the emotional support you need


This pediatrician has been working with newborns with colic for more than 30 years and has reduced some actions to be done with our children to relax them. His theory suggests that we should perform the following actions with the baby to help relax:


▪ We cooed the newborn. When cooing, in a certain way, we evoke the feeling that this one had inside the maternal womb and we are giving it security and comfort. At the same time, we avoid the rapid movement of arms and legs that does not allow the baby to calm down.

▪ We position it upside down or in a position that the baby feels comfortable.

▪ We balance it

▪ We make the familiar white noise to relax it

▪ Suction Once the baby is more receptive, we can offer him a pacifier or a breast so he can relax.


But what are the key factors that allow the Kusi Wawa Method to work?

▪ Wawa Band: Thermal cushion that produces heat for the abdominal area. This heat acts as an analgesic, also helping to expel the gases.

Wawa Wrap: Provides emotional support to the baby thanks to its optimal wrapping, helping him to relax at all. Thanks to its support, but also thanks to the combination of this with the other actions of the Theory of Dr Harvey Karp.

Currently, Kusi Wawa is working with the Spanish Association of Infant Massage, with the Catalan Association of Pediatric Nursing and private centers of pediatrics, physiotherapy and midwives offering training in the method. All of them trust, use and recommend our method to alleviate gas, colic and disquecia situations.


But, apart from carrying out such training, we are also carrying out a study and data collection in order to verify the effectiveness of the method. We are currently working with 72 centers spread throughout the Spanish territory and with plans to expand even more. So far we have been able to obtain results from 10 of them, with 10 different nurses and 19 babies, with whom the following results have been obtained.


 The objective of the study is to determine what uses are given to our method and, after using it, what has been your satisfaction with it.

chart 1. result kusi wawa colicos 

As we can see in the previous graph, 84% of these used the Kusi Wawa Method to relieve infant colic. While the remaining 16% used it to treat other issues such as lymph node inflammation.


Next, we present the degrees of satisfaction that were obtained. Whereas the Satisfaction Level 5 means very satisfied and the 1 very dissatisfied.

chart 2. Result kusi wawa colicos

As we can see in the previous graphic, 94% of the cases were very happy with the results as the Kusi Wawa Method solved the problem.

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