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The benefits of using the Kusi Wawa Method

The benefits of using the Kusi Wawa Method

The Kusi Wawa Method is the natural method that helps relieve colic infants from the youngest. It consists of two well differentiated parts, but each one more important than the previous one:

- We start treatment with the application of heat in the baby's tummy to alleviate the pain sensation.

- We continue to offer you the emotional support that this needs to end up calming.

But today we are not here to talk about how the Kusi Wawa Method works. Today we are here to talk about the Benefits that this has on your baby and on yourselves.

1. To begin with, it is worth noting that it is a completely natural treatment. And those who really do not have added sugars or are intrusive. It is an effective solution to a temporary problem without having to intervene aggressively.

2. It is a method that allows you to combine it with other treatments: physiotherapy, osteopathy, porting, massages ... The Kusi Wawa method combines with all of them since these are preventative methods that you can perform before we cry. The Kusi Wawa method is an active method that you develop when the baby is in full cry.

3. Focused heat relieves the baby's pain, making it feel much better. In addition, it is very positive as it is a natural muscular relaxant and also favors gas exploration. With the Wawa Band your baby will feel so pleased that many parents have already incorporated it into the sleeping routine.

4. The Kusi Wawa method does not put aside the contact of the parents. Contacting the baby is basic to help the baby relax. Many of the "quick" solutions to relieve colic leave the contact aside and it is very harmful for your baby.

5. The baby gives you security and comfort that no other method can offer. With the Kusi Wawa Method, your baby will feel good.

6. And as a result of the previous point, you will also feel well. You will have a series of steps to follow in those so tense moments in which the baby does not stop crying, but the good thing is that you can calm down and that, it is the best feeling that a dad can have.

If you want to know more about the Kusi Wawa Method, we invite you to see our tutorial on the web.

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