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The benefits of heat and the Wawa Band

The benefits of heat and the Wawa Band
Today we are going to discuss the first part of the Kusi Wawa Method.

As you all know, the Kusi Wawa Method consists of two very important parts: as a first step, we treat the physical pain of colic by applying heat to the intestinal tract. As a second step, we offer the emotional support that the baby needs to finish relaxing.


In today's post, we will explain the benefits of applying heat to the intestinal tract. Backed by scientific studies.

Heat has multiple benefits in our body. And thanks to these, we can treat 100% natural situations of colic, gas or dysketia in our newborns. In addition, it is a totally respectful treatment with your system that offers a non intrusive and highly effective solution.

Heat acts as an analgesic. A study by University College London analyzed why this effect was realized. The conclusion is that when heat is applied in an area with pain, the heat receptors are activated, causing a blockage of the pain receptors. This is why, when there is muscle pain or pain in the digestive tract, we usually treat it (even as adults) with heat. In the same way that it has this effect in adults, it also has these effects in newborns.
Heat is a muscle relaxant. In large part, the pains in the digestive tract are often related to stress and stress. Around the belly there are many muscles that, when suffering a situation of stress are tense. A study from the US Anxiety Center tells us very well how this tension can lead to physical pain. By applying heat, we are helping to relax these muscles. As a result, it reduces or eliminates pain.
The heat helps to regulate the intestinal transit. If we study the trajectory of the gas through thermodynamics, we see that when there is a change in temperature the gases come into motion. By applying this reality to the intestinal tract, we can conclude that by applying heat in the intestinal tract, we help to expel gases and, as a consequence, help to regularize the transit.
Thanks to these studies, we can conclude that the Wawa Band has a very positive effect on the treatment of typical discomforts of newborns. If we also combine the heat with many pampering and lots of love ... it is infallible.