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Marta Rivas Rius explains her experience with Wawa Mom

Marta Rivas Rius explains her experience with Wawa Mom

When a mom uses the Wawa Mom we love to hear their experience.

In today's post we explain the experience of Marta Rivas.

Marta is a mom who has a blog and a Youtube channel where she shares her experiences. In this video, you can see how she used our Wawa Mom belt the day of delivery during all the dilation before the hospital.

We love seeing her tranquility and her relaxation. It is really wonderful to see the effects of our belt.

Regarding the Blog, she explains with meticulous detail all the usage that she has given to the belt. Yes, you are reading it right. USAGE in plural. Marta began using the belt when she was pregnant to relieve her from back pain in pregnancy. She warmed her lower back and put on her belt. She loved using it at that moment because it allowed her to alleviate the pain, but it did not have to be subject to a cable (as would happen, for example, with an electric blanket).

Next, she used it during childbirth. As we see in the video. She used it a lot because it allowed her to delay the epidural. At her hospital they did not have many natural alternatives to alleviate the contractions pain during the process of dilation, so she was delighted to have this totally natural alternative to relieve the pain.

And finally, she is using it a lot now in the postpartum period. After the birth of the baby, every time the child was placed on his chest, she had very strong contractions again. So she would place the belt on her belly and thus alleviating the pain. Now she continues using it too because the back pain has returned. So, as she foresees, this belt will have "long life".

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