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Study says: massages reduce baby colic

Study says: massages reduce baby colic
Kusi Wawa, as you know, collaborates and works hand in hand with the Spanish Association of Infant Massage. And we do it in a convinced way with the knowledge that there is nothing more positive than contact with your baby to foster the connection between you.

The infant massage, has to part, infinity of benefits from helping to expel snot, to favor rest, but above all is a wonderful tool to reduce colic your baby.

Last August, the Shahid Beheshti University of Medical Sciences of Tehran did a study to determine if the massages reduced the colic of the newborn.

This study was carried out with 100 babies. 91% of them took exclusive breastfeeding and 50% of them were born vaginally. All of them were born to term and had ages less than 4 months.

It was divided into two groups, one in which massage was performed regularly and another in which massage was not performed and the results were conclusive: the babies who were massaged suffered less colic, and slept more and better.

All the babies that were part of the study did not receive any type of medication to relieve any of the colic. That is to say that the control group (which did not massage), could only catch the baby and rock him at the moment he began to cry.

That is why, in Kusi Wawa we do not think twice about collaborating with AEMI because we understand that it is crucial to promote the well-being of our children. Now, on our website, you will find the possibility ro purchase our natural almond massage oil to add massages to the daily routine.

This weekend we were lucky enough to be able to attend an AEMI massage workshop and we really recommend it because it is a wonderful way to connect with your baby and with a group of mothers more or less in the same situation as you. In addition to happiness at the time of learning all the massage technique, and having the certainty of being helping your newborn.

This is why we recommend that you always combine the Kusi Wawa method with massages.

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