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Study demonstrates effectiveness of the Wawa Mom belt during childbirth

Study demonstrates effectiveness of the Wawa Mom belt during childbirth

The results of the Scientific Study of Laura Tarrats and the Germans Trias and Pujol Institute are published in the journal Gynecology and Obstetrics .


Laura Tarrats is a midwife from the Germans Trias i Pujol Hospital that has created the first thermal belt for women. Initially created to relieve the pain of contractions in pregnancy and childbirth, although it has a lifelong utility to relieve backaches, menstrual cramps, contractures, etc.

It consists of a belt that has two pockets, one in the lower back and one in the suprapubic area, which contain two cushions of seeds. These have been designed with a seed and special aromatic mixture to promote homogeneous heating and maximum comfort for women. Thanks to the belt design, it allows free movement and fetal monitoring at all times.

The belt was tested in delivery rooms of the Germans Trias and Pujol Hospital for more than a year by the Germans Trias and Pujol Institute, led by matron Laura Tarrats. More than 100 women have been tested in this study that shows that women who used the belt reduced pain by two points. Thanks to the study we can confirm that it is a safe and effective way to reduce pain. Of all those who used the belt more than 80% found that it was practical, effective and comfortable. All of them would use it again and recommend it to other women. It is important to highlight, because we are trying belts that are used in pregnancy, that it has passed all the control tests and that it is safe for mom and baby.

From Kusi Wawa, we are very proud that Laura Tarrats and the Germans Trias i Pujol Research Institute have trusted us for the preparation and commercialization of the thermal belt for women. Since January you already have the belt available on our website, Amazon and all our certified outlets. We are also already marketing it in all Spanish hospitals so they can offer it in their delivery rooms.

If you have medical training and are interested in seeing the results of the study, we attach the link so you can see it.


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