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Soothe your baby's colic

Soothe your baby's colic

When our baby is born, what worries us the most is protecting it, giving it everything it needs. Provide by and for him. Give love, make contact ... but sometimes, the most feared of evils appears: infant colic.

40% of babies usually have colic. It is a benign disorder, which does not affect the baby's health but which can affect the family environment a lot. For mothers, those who suffer from colic are more likely to suffer from postpartum depression. And those babies who suffer from colic are also at greater risk of being victims of Shaken Baby Syndrome; Due to the desperation of the parents or caregivers, if these are not controlled they can shake the baby to stop crying. By shaking it, as all of its nervous system is still developing, it can cause very serious damage.

This is why when a baby suffers from colic the first thing we recommend is that, if you are very nervous, it is almost better to leave the baby in a safe crib for a few seconds and leave the room to get air. Or, if possible, ask someone else for help to take over.

At Kusi Wawa we understand that colic has two very important parts: the physical part of pain and, most importantly, the emotional part.

To relieve physical pain, we use the thermotherapy of the Wawa Band. Thanks to the belt, it allows us to apply heat to the belly without having to be holding it by hand. At the same time we can pick him up.

To give him the emotional support that the baby needs, we will pick him up. Thanks to the design of the Wawa Band, we can do it because at the same time that we do it and place it in the position that the baby likes, we continue to apply the heat. If we see that the baby is very nervous and is moving his arms and legs a lot; we can also lull it well. Thus we practice the containment and we avoid that it continues getting more nervous. In addition, in the first few months being cooed they love why it reminds them of when they were still in Mom's belly.

By applying the two parts of the Kusi Wawa Method, the baby feels relieved. He feels connected to the parents and, at the same time, they are also calmer because their baby is not crying anymore. The method, in the end, becomes a routine that allows the baby to be more relaxed every day and every day anticipate a little more 'what is to come'. This way, the process of calm will be faster every day.

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