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Relieve your baby's colic

Relieve your baby's colic

Infant colic is one of the conditions that most develops in babies in the first weeks of life.

We know it because our baby cries more than 3 hours a day, for more than three days a week for more than three weeks. You will recognize this cry because it feels like a scream. Your baby turns red, squirms, his legs and arms do not stop moving.

It is very difficult to calm a baby suffering from infant colic, because the crying is so intense that he is unable to attend to the stimuli we offer him.

The desperation at that moment is maximum. But Kusi Wawa created the Kusi Wawa Method to help you in those moments.

1. The most important thing is that you remain calm. I know that it is very easy to say and very difficult to do. But, it is very important. If you see that you get saturated, pass the turn to someone else, leave the room and breathe. The calmer we adults are, the less nervousness we transmit and the more we help the baby to relax.
2. Massages to prevent colic are a good help, but NEVER PERFORM THEM AT THE MOMENT OF CRYING. You will only get the baby to associate the massage with pain and reject any type of massage. You won't help expel gas that way, because the belly is already swollen and the massage will hurt a lot. Do not do it.
3. You will perform the massage when the baby is calm. It is a preventive tool.
4. Wear during the day, it can help your baby sleep better during the day, and the intensity of colic can be greatly reduced.
5. At the time of the colic crisis, apply the Kusi Wawa Method. Apply heat to the baby's belly to relieve pain and promote gas expulsion.
6. Take the baby in your arms, rock him to make him feel protected and to avoid so much movement. And sing to him or calm him down with a shhhhhh
7. The soft aroma of the Wawa Band favors the relaxation of both the baby and the parents.

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