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Relieve back pain pregnancy

Relieve back pain pregnancy

With pregnancy tend to get small discomfort, such as back pain.

In a study that was conducted in Spain, this was one of the things that most future moms complained about. And, if you've been pregnant, you know exactly what I'm talking about.
For first-time moms, back pain comes approximately in the third trimester. When the baby is already big and, its weight is more evident. Our body is wonderful and is redistributed completely to accommodate this new baby. But the reality is that our axis of gravity varies, and with that, we even cause changes in posture. This is why it is so important to go to the physiotherapist to carry out a postpartum recovery. And as a result of all these changes, one of the main pains that arise is back pain.

Today we are going to talk about different exercises or ways you can perform to relieve back pain in pregnancy. Obviously this also applies to times outside of pregnancy, but it is true that these exercises are very positive during pregnancy as well.

We will focus the solutions to two types of exercises:

Preventive and active exercises 

The active exercises are those that you will perform in the moment that your back hurts a lot and you can not do it anymore. The preventive exercises are those that you will develop throughout the day to favor the reduction of the pain.

As an active exercise, we advise the application of heat to relieve pain. Heat is a vasodilator and acts as an analgesic. It is completely natural and not intrusive so there is no risk and you can use it as many times as you need. In Kusi Wawa, you will find a belt created especially for you, Mom - the Wawa Mom belt. The wonderful thing about this belt is that it allows you to apply heat without having to be static or holding the heat with your hands. It is a belt that you place around the body (and that adapts to your measure), whose function is to keep two cushions of seeds above the lumbar and suprapubic area. These cushions are made with a low weight seed, to avoid discomfort and also contains a relaxing aromatic mixture. The bag is heated in the microwave for a minimum of one minute and you must then place it in its position inside the Wawa Mom belt pocket.

Regarding preventive exercises, we recommend two activities:

- Swimming. Swimming releases the baby's weight in the mother's body and, as a consequence, helps relieve tensions in the back. There are countless other benefits that deserve a post dedicated exclusively to the mating that we will do soon.
- Yoga There are many yoga positions that reduce tension in the back, expand the space of the rib cage, etc. All these postures will favor and help reduce back pain.
In both cases, we recommend attending a guided class and involving the trainer of our ailment so that you can adapt all the activities to your reality.

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