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The Wawa lady belt - Safe for pregnancy and childbirth

The Wawa lady belt - Safe for pregnancy and childbirth

You already know that the Wawa Lady belt is your perfect ally during your period days. Or for when you have back pain. But did you know that belts are safe to use during pregnancy and delivery?

In fact, they were created by a midwife and tested in a Delivery Room Hospital for over a year with stupendous results. More than 80% of the moms who used it were very happy with the relief they felt from contractions. And 90% of them would recommend it.

And why does it relieve contractions?

There are 3 key elements of the belt that help you feel better on that important day:

1. The local heat acts as a pain reliever. Relieves pain naturally.
2. The mild soothing scent helps you feel better without being offensive. All of us who have been pregnant know how bad a smell that is too strong can hurt you!
3. Free movement. Thanks to the design of the belt, it allows us to move at our own pace. Where and how we want. The fact of being able to be in the position that you want is very important. Why don't you force yourself to be in a certain place or way. You can be enjoying your warmth while you are on the ball, etc.
So yes, the Wawa Lady belt is a wonderful way to relieve contraction pain and pregnancy discomfort in a 100% natural and safe way.

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