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prevent infant colic

prevent infant colic

Infant colic is one of the most common dysfunctions during the first months of the baby's life. It is a benign disorder, which does not affect the health of the baby but can greatly distort the quality of life of the child and the whole family.
For this, it is important to try to treat and relieve the little ones during those months so they do not have to suffer day after day during the three or four months that colic can last.

As we have done many other times, we always recommend establishing very strong routines at home to promote the baby's rest.

Colic has two very different parts, but each equally important:
- The physical pain that the newborn can feel at the time of crisis
- The emotional factor, why you need contact with mom or dad
The Kusi Wawa Method takes into account both aspects of colic and alleviates physical pain through the Wawa Band and its thermotherapy. The heat acts as an analgesic, so it helps relieve the pain the baby feels. In turn, the aromatherapy of the master formula of the bag promotes relaxation. It is a soft aroma, which relaxes without being overwhelming. Designed especially for a baby.

The emotional factor, we treat it with direct contact. We coo the baby with the Wawa Wrap to make him feel wrapped up and as if he were still in the womb. And then we take it in our arms, we swing it, we sing, etc.

Thanks to the realization of these steps, we get the baby to sleep and stop crying. If you are interested in learning more about the method and would like to see the tutorials we have, you can find videos here.

But, why do we think that babies tend to break into tears and, usually, it is always in the afternoon? Because the baby is tired of all the stimuli that he has been receiving throughout the day and, when the "witch hour" arrives, he breaks into the disconsolate crying.

It is precisely because of this, that we recommend following strict routines. Perform a series of actions that will help the little ones.

Among the different actions you can perform, we recommend:

- Carry your baby as long as possible in an ergonomic scarf
- Make anti-colic massage your baby during the day
- Try to mark very well a routine of naps and promote sleep

By following all of these recommendations, you will encourage the child to arrive more rested at night and suffer from milder episodes of colic.

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