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Postures to calm a baby

Postures to calm a baby

When a baby is suffering from colic, not only does he suffer but he causes the whole family to suffer. One of the main causes is how difficult it is to calm it down.

Today we are going to give you some tricks of some postures that can relieve the baby when they are in this situation.
The most important thing is to remember that when the baby is in full colic, we will not perform any type of massage. Contrary to what many believe, it is totally counterproductive since it will only make the baby more nervous.

The moment the baby is suffering from colic, we will not manipulate the belly. The most we can do is use thermotherapy to relieve pain. Precisely, thanks to the Wawa Band, we have this aspect covered effectively and easily.

But today we're not going to talk about the Wawa Band. Today we are going to talk about the positions you can adopt once the heat is applied to finish relieving the baby:

- Face down position. When you hold the baby in your arms, it can help you feel better if you take it upside down. This position helps to remove the pressure of the baby's gut, so it can relieve you.
- The movement. If we make movement with the baby in our arms, we can favor the expulsion of gases. So, in general, the baby will feel relieved. It is also for this reason that portering usually likes them too.
- The bike. If we place the baby in a position similar to the fetal one, it can help to expel gases and, as a consequence, help him feel better.

Apart from these positions, remember that to calm a baby with colic we must offer a lot of contact to help you relax emotionally. Know the Kusi Wawa Method where we offer you a series of tools to help calm your baby with colic here.

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