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Period pain

Period pain

Period pain is a very common pain that many women suffer from on a regular basis, every month. It is a natural pain and there are ways to treat it naturally, to avoid taking medication without further ado.

The most effective way to relieve pain is through the application of heat.
It is for this reason that hot water bags, electric mats or other similar inventions have been widely used to this day.
At Kusi Wawa, pero, we have created a new invention by the hand of midwife Laura Tarrats from the Germans Trias y Pujol Institute, one of the leading maternity and women's care hospitals in Barcelona.
Unlike any other invention to apply heat, the Kusi Wawa Wawa Lady belt has two heat points: one in the abdominal area and the other in the lower back. In this way you can relieve the colon where it usually hurts the most at the same time
Another aspect that makes the Wawa Lady belt much more practical compared to other ways of applying heat is the design of the belt itself. The belt allows you free movement at all times. Thanks to its design, you can adjust it to measure. The cushions stay in place without you having to hold them with your hand. And the belt is resistant and allows you to move without needing to be near a point of electricity.
In addition, with the Wawa Lady belt, you have the guarantee that you can also use it during pregnancy and delivery. Since it has been tested by the Germans Trias y Pujol Hospital maternity team for more than a year, with incredible results (more than 80% of the women have considerably relieved their pain and 90% would recommend it).
If you want to know more about the belt, you will find the information here: