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Pain in pregnancy

Pain in pregnancy

When we are pregnant, it is a wonderful moment. Maybe you have been dreaming of this moment for years, maybe it has come as a surprise. But from the moment you know that you are two hearts in a body, the illusion comes and is wonderful.

But, if it is true that with pregnancy come many other discomforts.

The first trimester is usually accompanied by nausea, headaches ... the second trimester can already appear heartburn ... and in the third trimester, many pains arrive.

As moms, we know that the best way to treat these pains is using natural and non-intrusive methods, to protect both you and your baby.

What pains can appear in the third trimester?

- Lumbar pain. The most typical pain of all pregnant women. In a first-time mom usually appears in the third trimester but for moms who already have children can even appear much earlier. It is a pain of the lower lumbar central part. It is estimated that 80% of pregnant women suffer from this pain.
- Sciatica. Pain in the upper part of the thigh due to the sciatic nerve impingement. Where it is most noticeable is in the upper thigh area but you can lengthen the entire leg. They are usually pricked with pain. And 35% of pregnant women have said they have suffered.
- Dorsália. Pain in the upper part of the back. It is a consequence of the redistribution of the gravitational center of the body and the new position that the mother takes.
- Dorsal pain. It is a pain in the lower area of ​​the ribs. It appears due to the pressure of the nerves in that area.
- Pelvic pain. The pelvis is a wonderful complex that allows movement to help illuminate your baby. Sometimes, however, it moves before the day of delivery. These are the cases that cause pain in the area.
- Genital pain. When the uterus presses genitocrural nerves, they produce cramps in the genital area with pain.
- Contractions. In the third trimester the body begins to prepare for childbirth, so it is normal to start having contractions.

Many of these pains appear due to the growth of the baby. The uterus grows with it and with this there is a displacement of the center of gravity; at the same time that the mother's body is assuming greater weight.

What can we do to relieve the pain?
- Use natural analgesic methods. Thermotherapy is a natural and non-intrusive way to relieve pain. The Wawa Mom belt by Kusi Wawa is a wonderful tool to alleviate these pains, allowing movement if necessary. The belt contains two pockets with seed cushions. These are heated in the microwave a minimum of one minute to catch heat. Once hot, you put them back in their pockets and put the belt around the body. Let the heat make its effect. In addition, its aromatic master mix will promote relaxation in a subtle and very pleasant way.

- Massages Massages can help relieve tension and feel better. Relaxation is very important throughout the pregnancy. to perform the massages, we recommend 100% natural oils without chemicals, such as our rosehip oil.

- Preventive methods. We can try to avoid or minimize the appearance of these pains by carrying out specific activities:

o Water. Performing aquatic exercises greatly favors the welfare of the future mother. The moment you are in the water, the weight of gravity decreases so that the body is lighter. The exercises help you strengthen while relaxing the effect.

or Yoga Yoga is also very interesting to improve well-being and try to prevent pain. It is important that the person who performs yoga is certified and you tell him at all times the areas that bother you. There are exercises designed to relax, stretch and relax all parts of the body.

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